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the development of watch

Cheap Wholesale / 2010-11-15

1914 World War I broke out, the national military realized that the “free hand” the importance of carmelo anthony shoes  the watch, this has inspired ordinary people to wear watches rival the strong demand.
1926, invented the first self-winding a watch, from 1960 onwards, the traditional round table kind of universally accepted. Watch the further improvement of Switzerland, is to watch that has time, calendar, tourbillon and automatic winding device to be miniaturized and installed in the watch on.
1952 in the United States, France and Switzerland produced the chanel sandals 2010 first piece of electronic watches. 1967 Neuchâtel Centre developed the first electronic watch quartz wrist a table, and in 1970 the name of a different brand of Switzerland to begin mass production. Since then, rapid development of new technology has begun.


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