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How to save the gold-plated watch

Cheap Wholesale / 2010-11-17

Gold layer on gold-plated watch mostly 14K gold, this gold in addition to containing 58.5% pure gold, but also contains a certain amount of silver. Silver and some of the air industrial emissions react with volatile cheap griffey after the surface will produce a layer.Therefore, wearing gold-plated watch to avoid contact with chemical substances and emissions, such as gas, liquefied petroleum gas and sulfur soap, etc., and gold-plated watch to keep dry and clean.Wipe with a cloth once a week is best. In addition, the sweat chloride of gold-plated watch  a lot of corrosion, gold-plated watch in time to wipe clean when stained with sweat, sweat in order to avoid erosion of the watch lose their luster.
Huang-plated watch the plating layer is made of copper, zinc, aluminum alloy composed of a layer of metal film, and if maintenance is not easy to fade and dull. Wearing the watch in yellow before plating should be case with a clean soft cloth to wipe clean, and evenly coated with a layer of colorless nail polish, dry and then wear, after every 1 to 2 months coated 1. After such treatment after the coating can not only maintain the yellow color of the watch, not to be worn, but also can cheap griffey shoesincrease the brightness of its appearance, while in the hot summer but also to prevent sweat and moisture intrusion table

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