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Maintenance of mechanical watch

Cheap Wholesale / 2010-11-18

Mechanical repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and impact. Mechanical unless marked with a waterproof function, or water must be prevented case, because the water can cause mechanical erosion, very destructive. Water is untouchable. Even the state water table, only one year waterproof guarantee, because the water table of the ring after a whole year of wear and tear, with sweat, dust and various external factors inevitably must be tired, so after one year water cycle must be a new one, otherwise do not have the waterproof function. Waterproof cheap gucci belts outside, but also to prevent collision. In the financial capability of the range, it may have two or three to replace the table in their daily lives: a static activity to wear a mechanical watch movement is in motion is wearing, so use when the local conditions to help prolong the life of the table. Rely on mechanical gears and clockwork machinery, driven by the operation, turn inevitably create friction, so the course of time necessary for fuel, lubrication, to reduce the wear rate of parts. Otherwise, just wait until the repair go wrong, often the problem is very serious. Maintenance and repair most insurance, to the orthodox dealers handling safer. Cleaning must be submitted within the professional chefs, and external cleaning, mechanical master might own  packages hands; with soft scrub brush dip cleaning liquid strap, and finally rinsing with clean water can be. Waterproof case features clear in this way can also be used; not the case with water resistant Do not scrub. Outside the daily cleaning work is very important, because sweat, dust, etc. may not be aware of even subtle, in fact, still continue to accumulate, not to be cleaned, then strap cheap jordan shoes will rust, rot, or brittle. So best to spare no cleaning masters

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