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the simple ways to solve the water

Cheap Wholesale / 2010-11-23

1,If the watch is water soaked, can easily absorb moisture several layers of toilet paper or flannel will form tight package tight, 40-watt light bulb placed in the vicinity of about 15 cm and bake for 30 minutes, the table of water vapor to water vapor. Should not cheap lesportsac bags be kept near the fire watch direct  baking sheet so as not to suffer thermal deformation of the table.
2,Mongolia and DPRK in the table, the bottom shell outwards, anti-worn on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be removed. If the water seriously, the best shops Cayou immediately sent to the table, clear the movement of water, spare parts to avoid rust.
3,With granular silica gel and cheap longchamp bags have a watch with water into a sealed container for several hours, remove the watch, water is all gone. This method is simple, economic, and life on the accuracy of the  table not have any damage. Silica gel after absorbing water many times, dried at 120 ℃ for several hours, water absorption capacity can be recycled, but also repeated use.


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