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how to check the watch appearance parts

Cheap Wholesale / 2010-11-24

Watch from the shell exterior, table mirror, dial and hours of second hand so check. Trachoma and obvious case should be no scratches, angular symmetry; back cover and at the rotary joint on the shell cheap nike griffeys should be tightly; two tables ring the same distance with the case, the installation should be in the ear hole Juan case the location of the rear foot center or favor, the appropriate depth of the hole, so easy to fall off the table ring; table mirror should be no defects and scratches, transparent light; three-pin is installed correctly, the needle ith the needle, the table should exist  between the mirror and dial the correct security clearance; dial and cheap real jordans pointer coating finish is good, there is  no scar, dial the full scale lines or luminous points; head with the case between the gap of about 0.1-0.3mm.


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