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Guess Brand Story

Cheap Wholesale / 2010-06-10

By three in France, a passionate culture of the southern region of the Marciano brothers grew, Georges, Maurice and Paul the set of GUESS, is a contamination of the American West style, passion Cheap Gucci Handbags and romance of Europe when France shall design brands. Marciano was born in southern France, like the United States as the freedom of brothers, in the seventies they moved to the United States and in California to launch their fashion dreams. 70's, fashion design is not a major goal, that jeans can not say anything more fashion. The Marciano brothers in 1981, launched a three-zip Marilyn jean called UGG Handbags tight-fitting jeans in the style department store Bloomingdale sales, to prove that their new design on the jeans, the jeans are defined as work clothes into fashion. Within a few hours, items sold out immediately, Marciano would then begin to build this brand is full of French sentiment in the United States expansion. And this cowboy new product development Cheap Juicy Handbags also led jeans become a timeless fashion representatives. In the Marciano brothers, Maurice and Paul led, GUESS products and sales territory are very desirable development. In terms of products, GUESS jeans though just started production, due to continued expansion, now GUESS also sell men and women fashion, children's clothing, swimwear, footwear, watches, fine accessories, handbags, eyewear, perfume, luggage Juicy Handbags and so on. 2000 autumn and winter, GUESS launched a series of "GUESS Premium", a high-quality denim with Italy, with European-designed high-style men and women jeans series. In 2003, GUESS and Parlux Fragrances Inc. To launch a franchise GUESS perfume series, on the other hand showed GUESS sexy, stylish side

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